We at One Five Five Films work diligently with our clients to ensure they have the utmost confidence in our promotional abilities.  Most recently, we had the honour of working with the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation association to promote their "2020 and 2021 SPRA Awards". We work hard in order to raise the bar and deliver a final product above and beyond expectations.  At One Five Five Films, our Promo clients walk away knowing our creative skills and customer service is at the highest standards at all times.  A One Five Five Films guarantee!

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One Five Five Films drone pilots love to fly drones!  We work hard to deliver beautiful cinematic aerial footage/photography using the latest state of the art drones from DJI.  Our pilots are licensed, certified and skilled in aerial cinematics.  We offer extremely competitive pricing for drone videography and will work with you to get whatever aerial shot you require.  


Do you have an amazing hobby?  Do you want to show off your talents/strengths/passions?  One Five Five Films is here to help make that possible!  We want to help you show your skills to the world by producing epic lifestyle videos.  Be Legendary on all social media platforms with a brand-new epic lifestyle video! 

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Whether it’s blazing down the track on a chuckwagon, doing battle on the paintball field, or any upcoming event you may have, get it filmed by One Five Five Films.  We work event staff to choregraph, plan and execute the best shots possible to ensure that your event is displayed as epic and as legendary as possible!  

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