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Join soldiers of "F Troop"(Cowboy 32) in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. Fight alongside them on a wild 8-month tour behind enemy lines on Operation Athena in the volatile Kandahar Province of Afghanistan.  From interviews, re-enactments and hours of live combat footage, viewers will see exactly what a soldier goes through.  Learn what a soldier deals with from the time they join the military, fight a war and then return to the civilian world with life altering physical and mental injuries such as PTSD, Depression and Anxiety.  This psychological thrill ride will teach you everything you want, and don’t want to know about being a highly trained warrior.  
Warning ⚠️ - not for the faint of heart.  

One Five Five Films and ScrappyCat Productions
have combined forces and are currently in the Pre-Development stage to bring you two 6-episode
edge-of-your-seat documentaries:


Athena's Cowboys


Chuckwagon: Rein to Reign

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In this horse-powered thrill ride, learn all about the life and career of 7-time Canadian Chuckwagon Champion and Legend,  Ray "The Chief" Mitsuing.  Not only has "The Chief" been a champion on the track, but also to his people.  He served as a "Leader" amongst his First Nation community of Loon Lake, SK for 13 years and later became a Chief and represented the Meadow Lake Tribal Council.  Watch his final races filmed at the 2019 CPCA Finals and learn "The Chief's" master plan to continue what's now known as the family Legacy of Team Mitsuing.   With 2 of his sons winning National Championships themselves, we look into everything in store for the future of this super power chuckwagon racing team.