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At One Five Five Films, we take great pride in the promotion of Indigenous success.  Our team works diligently alongside several Indigenous Nations such as; Nakota, Lakota, Dakota, Cree (Plains and Woodland), Soto, Michif, Dene and many more!

Our previous work with Indigenous Nations vary from; Promoting Economic Development, the filming of Indian Horse Relay and Chuckwagon Racing, Chief and Council events, Powwows, celebrations and Cultural Documentaries.


While on set, we at One Five Five Films follow strict Indigenous protocols and guidelines such as tobacco offerings to Elders. 

Our team has also joined in on spiritual events such as Sweat Lodges, Prayer, Pipe Ceremonies, Feasts and Round Dances.

Out of
respect for all Indigenous Nations, Prayer and Spirituality, One Five Five Films does not film any spiritual practices unless otherwise requested with special permissions.

We at
ONE FIVE FIVE FILMS take great pride in building long-lasting relationships with all nations and its people and can also provide references and feedback (upon request) from several Chiefs and Band Leaders.

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One Five Five Films and ScrappyCat Productionshave combined forces and are currently in the Pre-Development stage to bring you this 6-episode documentary - CHUCKWAGON: REIN TO REIGN

Hit the racetrack with Seven of Canada's top indigenous chuckwagon racing teams as they do battle in this horsepower thrillride.  
One thing all Chuckwagon Drivers have in common is the love for their horses.  In this 6-episode documentary, join the finest 
horsemen and women in the business and discover the real-life truths in this controversial sport and watch them "cowboy up" as they do battle on the track. 

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