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Pete Kolopenuk is a talented and ambitious Filmmaker/writer based in Southern Saskatchewan.  After lengthy careers in both the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Oilfields, Pete boasts a deep appreciation of the industry and a tireless work ethic.

Pete began videography while serving on tour in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Filming military activities inspired Pete to continue down the filmmaking path and has led to a successful career.  Pete has travelled to over 20 countries and has a broad/diverse range of filmmaking styles. He is currently working on a variety of projects spanning across many genres and formats.

Pete has experience from working on the set of "Cagefighter : World's Collide", doing contract work for Wow Factor Media, Government Contracts for Sask Parks and Recreation and is also developing 2 of his own 6-episode Documentaries coming soon. (Chuckwagon : Rein to Reign and Athena's Cowboys)

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Joel Pinel

CEO - Wow Factor Media

I’ve known Pete for most of my life, when he moved back to Saskatchewan, we started doing video work together.  I would definitely recommend him.  He’s fantastic and great to work with!  Pete’s biggest asset is how he treats customers.  He always treats them well, they’re always comfortable and he over-delivers.  He’s got a great business and I look forward to seeing him succeed in the future.

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Hugh Patterson

Producer - Echolands Creative

Pete was amazing to work with on Cagefighter : Worlds Collide. He was a great asset to the camera department. His calm demeanor and technical aptitude elevated everyone around him and the entire production. He is talented, dependable, collaborative and is easily recommendable. I look forward to working more closely with Pete on our future projects.

Andrea Hoffman

Producer - Scrappycat Productions

I met Pete on the set of Cagefighter.  Pete was hardworking, a great team player and was even recognized with a promotion. Since the film, Pete and I have begun working together. I am producing his exciting 6-part documentary piece “Athena’s Cowboys”.  Pete is a pleasure to do work with, easy to talk too, hardworking and creative. I look forward to seeing Pete grow as a filmmaker and watching our projects on the big screen!